Thinking warm thoughts!

Well, we woke up to about 7" of snow this morning! And it is still coming down! While it is incredibly beautiful, I have to admit I am a little chilly. I thought I would post about a summer cake today! Maybe it will help me thing warm thoughts!

This cake was for Ellie's sixth birthday. Ellie was having a pool party and knew exactly what she wanted her cake to look like! She was very cute as she described how tall she wanted it, what colors she liked and what flavor it should be! I ran the idea by her parents who just laughed and told me to go for it! I did bring the cake down to two layers though!! This cake was so much fun to make and the flip-flops were easier than I thought they would be.

Ah, flip-flops! Those warm, summer days will be here sooner than I realize. So, for today I am just going to enjoy the beauty of the snow fall, the warmth of the fire and a nice cup of hot cocoa!