Play Ball!

I thought that this cake was appropriate for the season that is! My siblings and I grew up on Atlanta Braves baseball. My grandparents always took us to the ballpark. We even went to spring training in Florida one year! We had such a fun time and made wonderful memories.

My brother and I don't live near each other now so when I found out we would be spending his birthday together I knew that this was the perfect cake!

I had a lot of fun making this. The bill of the hat was a little challenging though. I definitely need to research how others make hats before I try again.

Flavor, you ask? Vanilla pound cake with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant! My brothers favorite...he doesn't eat chocolate! Hard to believe, I know!

Blast Off!

This is another fun cake! This customer planned a space themed party for her son's birthday and she went all out! She had moon rock candy, space shuttle cups, and space food! She wanted a space shuttle cake for the party but didn't want it to look to "cartoonish" since this was her
son's 13th birthday.

I love how this cake turned out and I love how it looks with the space fabric underneath it. I definitly plan on using fabric on cake boards again!

Rock Climbing!

This fun cake was for a customer who was having her son's birthday party at the local rock climbing gym. The invitation was too cute and this cake was absolutely perfect!

Since they didn't need a very large cake, I built the bottom up with rice krispie treats. The cake was chocolate with vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant. I had a lot of fun making the little boy. I would really like to improve on my "people skills"! :) But I thought he turned out pretty cute!

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I have always loved silhouettes of children and so I decided to try making one myself. It really wasn't that hard to do!

First, I took a profile picture of the child. Then I copied it on a copier to the size I wanted. I then cut out the copy and traced it onto black paper. Next, you cut out the traced image. The black paper was attached to white card stock and then I framed it in a black frame. The hardest part was finding the perfect black frame!

I love the way it turned out and can't wait to give it to my friend! I know she is going to love it! This is such a sweet way to capture a moment in your child's life!

Sweet Music!

This cake was made for my father-in-law's 70th birthday! He is a piano player so I thought that this was perfect for him. I originally saw this online with roses on top but I opted for strawberries. The strawberries were so yummy!

The cake itself was chocolate with pecans and chocolate chips. It was filled with chocolate cream cheese filling and frosted with a vanilla buttercream. The piano keys were made from fondant.

One problem arose though...the juice from the strawberries started to run down the side of the cake!!! Anyone know the solution for that??

Fun and Inexpensive Table Decor

This is one of those times when I had more time than money. Although my time was limited as well! But it does prove that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a lovely table. Truthfully, I lean toward "spend a fortune" husband always tells me I have expensive taste! I tell him it is not expensive just tasteful! Anyway, I'm getting away from the topic.

So, I was asked to plan a Valentines Dinner for our church. Since I had to cover food, gifts, and childcare costs my funds for decor were limited!

I decided to make tissue paper flowers for the tables instead of buying fresh. I used red tissue paper (and discovered that the quality of your paper does make a difference, so don't use the dollar store kind!). I cut the paper in squares that measured approximately 6x5. Change the size depending on how big or small you want the flower to be. Layer 4-5 pieces of the tissue paper and cut the longest side in a scallop. Then, fold accordion style and wrap a chenille stem around the middle. After that just unfold the tissue paper and fluff until you achieve the desired effect!

For the table runners I used brown craft paper and paper napkins that I purchased on clearance!

I cut the brown paper in the width and length appropriate for the size of the table. Then I cut the flowers and the borders out of the napkins (this is where the more time than money thing comes in!). I hot glued the strips of red to the edge of the paper and put the flowers in between each
strip. I was so pleased with the results!

After the candles were lit, everything really came together and proved that a little time and creativity can be just as nice as spending "a fortune"!

Swirly Cookie Pops!

These are the cutest cookies! You need to check out The Decorated Cookie. She has some of the most amazing cookies.

When my daughter needed a treat for a class party, I had the perfect excuse to try these out! They are fun and fairly simple to make. They were a hit with the kids and grown ups as well! I think these cookies would be the cutest addition to any party. Maybe standing in flower pots with jelly beans at the many possibilities!

So, here are how mine turned out...

Cute and yummy!