Fun and Inexpensive Table Decor

This is one of those times when I had more time than money. Although my time was limited as well! But it does prove that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a lovely table. Truthfully, I lean toward "spend a fortune" husband always tells me I have expensive taste! I tell him it is not expensive just tasteful! Anyway, I'm getting away from the topic.

So, I was asked to plan a Valentines Dinner for our church. Since I had to cover food, gifts, and childcare costs my funds for decor were limited!

I decided to make tissue paper flowers for the tables instead of buying fresh. I used red tissue paper (and discovered that the quality of your paper does make a difference, so don't use the dollar store kind!). I cut the paper in squares that measured approximately 6x5. Change the size depending on how big or small you want the flower to be. Layer 4-5 pieces of the tissue paper and cut the longest side in a scallop. Then, fold accordion style and wrap a chenille stem around the middle. After that just unfold the tissue paper and fluff until you achieve the desired effect!

For the table runners I used brown craft paper and paper napkins that I purchased on clearance!

I cut the brown paper in the width and length appropriate for the size of the table. Then I cut the flowers and the borders out of the napkins (this is where the more time than money thing comes in!). I hot glued the strips of red to the edge of the paper and put the flowers in between each
strip. I was so pleased with the results!

After the candles were lit, everything really came together and proved that a little time and creativity can be just as nice as spending "a fortune"!