Sweet Sixteen!

Sweet describes this cake and the birthday girl as well. She was such a sweet girl and she knew just what she wanted her cake to look like!

This sweet birthday girl knew without hesitation what flavor she wanted as well! Red velvet with the always yummy cream cheese frosting!

Sweet Start to the Day!

Now, I had read about these cinnamon rolls awhile ago and decided that it was time to try them! Previous attempts at making homemade cinnamon rolls hadn't gone so well and the kids liked the canned variety just fine. However, now that we have had the Pioneer Woman's rolls, there is no going back!

Make it a priority to try these this weekend! You will thank me later for this assignment! They turned out better than I expected...pretty much perfect! They looked beautiful and tasted so amazing! One warning though...the recipe makes way more than anyone should eat (trust me on that one!!). So, not only do you get to enjoy a wonderful treat you get you treat your neighbors, friends, family, teachers...anyone you love!

Oh, by the way, Pioneer Woman is hosting a giveaway today!

Hope you have a sweet weekend!

"Coffee Cake!"

My husband is addicted to a local coffee shop...seriously, addicted! So, for his birthday I thought what could be better than a cake that looks like his favorite cuppa'! He really like it and loved the fact that it came with a gift card. The kids were excited as well. They love the smoothies, hot chocolate, and hot tea at Joe Beans! They also like the fact that we were able to keep the cake at our house. They usually go to someone else!

The cake flavor was vanilla with fluffy chocolate frosting!