Funky Fourteen!!

I received a call from a mom who wanted a fun, different cake for her daughter's 14th birthday. The only request she had was that it be lavender with leopard print and that it have 2 layers.

I really debated on what application to use for the leopard print...paint it on or apply it with fondant. I choose to make the print from fondant. Looking back, I think that I should have painted it on. However, I still like the outcome.

I was so pleased with how the numbers looked and I was thrilled with the bow. I thought it had just the right amount of sophistication for a 14 yr old girl!

How Beautiful!

I just had to share this stunning dessert table!

Isn't this incredible? You can read all of the details at Amy Atlas' blog.

Sigh...this is what I want to do when I grow up!

A Designer Birthday

This cake and 2 dozen cupcakes were inspired by the designer Betsey Johnson. It was for a 21st birthday.

Lexi's Cake!

This was such a fun cake! The theme for this party was...can you guess? Of course, scooters! The birthday girl wanted all of her friends to bring their wheels and ride together for the day! So much fun for a group of energetic 6year olds!

Coming Up Roses!

Love this sweet cake! A friend called with this specific cake in mind (not sure where she found it so I, unfortunately can't give credit to anyone for the design). This was for a birthday where the birthday girl would be given a pink rose from each lady attending the party! What a wonderful show of appreciation!

Flavor, you ask? One of my favorites...lemon with lemon curd and white chocolate lemon buttercream!

Fondant Quilling

I wanted to try something different for this cake and the only stipulation was that it have bright colors on it! I decided I would like to make fondant decoration based on the paper art of quilling. I found a picture of an amazing wedding cake that was covered with quilled fondant pieces. It was so beautiful that I decided to try a similar design. I thought that the result was very fun!

I love how bright and cheery it turned out!

The process of making each piece was a little time consuming but I think that in the end it was worth the effort. I can't wait to try this technique again!

A Cowgirls Birthday!

I knew that this cake was a success when my son told me the hat looked too "girly"! The birthday girl's mom loved the horseshoe next to the hat!

Happy Birthday, Cowgirl!

Graduation Celebration!

I love this graduation cake! Not your typical cake for a grad. This one is very pretty and fun!