Golden Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

This cake design came from Studio Cake Design. You will find truly amazing cake designs there. Make sure you check them out!

Another Sweet Celebration!

This was a fun cake for a 13th birthday celebration! To add to the fun was the
teen friendly cake flavor...
chocolate cake with peanut butter filling and peanut butter cups!

It was a huge hit!

Checking off my Christmas List!

Well, its happened...I already feel like I am running behind for Christmas and it is only December 4th! If you are wondering what could have caused such dismal feelings, I'll warn you that it is something quite simple actually. Christmas cards! I received the first one in the mail on December 1st! Every year I say that I am going to send cards out wait, to arrive before Christmas...oh, who am I kidding, to arrive on Christmas Eve...oh alright, to arrive before the New Year.

But this year I will not be overwhelmed by my to-do-list. I really want to enjoy the season and reflect on what is important about Christmas. So to help me with this endeavor, I am going to use photo cards from Shuttefly! I have been spurred into action by receiving that December 1st Christmas card and by Shutterfly, who currently has a fantastic promotion for bloggers who share about their Christmas cards.

I have already picked out my card (I think!) and was amazed at the selection they had to offer!

No matter what your taste, from trendy to traditional, they have something for everyone. I also love the idea of sitting in my cozy home, ordering a fabulous Christmas card and having them shipped right to my door! This gives me time to focus on something else from my list. Oh, they also offer another time saving service...they will address, stamp and mail your cards for you (for an additional fee)! In addition to photo cards, they also offer a myriad of other photo gifts from mugs to photo books to calendars. I love these options for grandparent gifts!

So head over to Shutterfly, take care of your Christmas cards, maybe a gift or two and then remember to simply celebrate the sweet things this Christmas!