One of my faves!

This cake was made for a friends baby shower. I absolutely loved the way it turned out! I loved the bow on top, the dots, and the painting on the bottom layer! This is the first time that I had tried painting on a cake and was pretty pleased with the attempt.

Now, before you think that I am clever or anything like that, let me point you to the inspiration for this cake! One of my favorite sites is Pink Cake Box. Her toile cake was so fabulous, but of course everything she does is amazing! When I saw her cake I couldn't wait for a excuse to try it!

To paint the bottom layer I mixed gel coloring with a little water. I have read that vodka works really well but since I didn't have any in the house I just went with water. Now, I don't have an art background so I didn't try to put any people in my toile pattern but I love the way the trees turned out!

What was inside you ask? The most amazing white chocolate lemon cake filled with lemon curd and a white chocolate cream cheese frosting. So very yummy! This recipe is one my favorites. The top was a yellow cake with buttercream frosting and raspberry filling.

Oh, the expectant mother was given a pink toile diaper bag at the shower! Too cute!