Remember to Simply Celebrate!

I am really enjoying the current trend of dessert tables. I love to read about them and plan them and I love when I have the occasion to put one together. Sometimes, though, I think we can get overwhelmed with the planning and forget to simply celebrate the moment.

We need to remember that the celebration of friends and family is more important than what the table looks like. Don't get me wrong, I love a beautiful table and I am an avid Amy Atlas follower! But it is ok if our table is not Amy approved, as long as the celebration is sweet!

Where am I going with this, you may wonder? Well, my children have birthdays that are 7 days apart and most of our family lives out of town. So when the majority of our family was going to be at our house on the same weekend, it just made sense to celebrate my kids special day with the people special to them! I put aside my grand birthday ideas (trust me they were grand!) and threw together an impromptu party incorporating each childs favorite treat.

My son loves Sprecher's Root Beer! So his side of the table (that didn't even have a table covering!) consisted of all things Root Beer. He had a Root Beer cap cake, Root Beer Float popcorn, RB truffles, RB cookies, and RB jelly beans. Of course, we also had several bottles of the favorite Root Beer!

My daughter loves all things lemon, especially lemon pie from Chick-fil-A. While I felt somewhat bad that I didn't make her a cake or pie, I did have a houseful of guest, after all! For her side of the table we had the lemon pie, lemon drops, mini lemon cakes (again, store bought...remember the houseful of guest!), two varieties of lemonade and some pastel candies.

So while, our table was not the award winning dessert table that I desire to have one day, it was a special day for my children.

They were able to simply celebrate with cousins, aunts & uncles and grandparents! And on top of that they had their favorite treats! What could be more special than that!

So, while you plan your next celebration, remember to stay focused on the truly
important things and
simply celebrate the sweet things in your life!