The Beginning!

My very own blog! I'm a little nervous about my first post...what should I say...will my spelling be correct...what about punctuation...ok, here goes...

I love to make cakes for people and I love to read about people who make cakes! I also love to plan parties and read about people who plan them! I love making goodies that tie in with the party theme! I love the invitations and the tableware. I love the little details that make the event so memorable.

So that is what this blog will be about...cake and fun celebrations! Cakes that I have made, cakes that others have made, tricks to make decorating cakes easier and more fun, cupcakes, iced cookies, party ideas... ok, so I think you get the picture. This will be about those yummy treats and pretty things that help us celebrate the sweet moments in life!

Thanks for reading!